Disruptive Battery Corp. HVAC

Disruptive Battery Corp. (“DBC”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Manganese X, is pleased to report upgrades to its patented “Disinfection Apparatus” system, which is designed to circulate air disinfection agents (“ADAs”) via a building’s HVAC distribution system.

We have signed a non-binding Letter of Intent to acquire a patent for a system and method for cleansing air in a contained environment. Tests were conducted on a 33 storey apartment building within the Toronto area demonstrating the system’s ability to cleanse contaminated units.

The invention provides a method of reducing microbial levels in the interior of a building. This is accomplished by vaporizing an anti-microbial essential oil to produce vaporized anti-microbial essential oil and entraining the vaporized oil in an air stream. Then the air stream is directed into the air ducts of the building and finally into the interior air supply of the building.

For environmental engineers, it’s well known that building ventilation systems are efficient disseminators of viruses and other pathogens. We believe the application of this patent offers risk mitigation for air quality in a contained environment using those same ventilation systems for beneficial purposes. Further, this technology offers the potential for global scalability.

The company is moving quickly to a Definitive Agreement subject to due diligence and will report further developments in timely fashion.

The Smart Sensor Actuator (“SSA”) upgrade being worked on enhances the distribution of ADA’s, essentially neutralizing airborne and surface pathogen levels throughout any commercial building 24/7. The Disinfection Apparatus system can be retrofitted and integrated to the building’s smart system.

DBC is currently in discussions with potential partners to match the Disinfection Apparatus with a validated, green, safe disinfectant formulation.

Indoor air quality is a mainstream concern and this is exemplified by the University of Alberta’s study on the transmission of pathogens including COVID-19 via a building’s HVAC distribution system. Bringing safe and healthy air to spaces — everything from apartment buildings to schools to offices — is the central theme of the project, according to University of Alberta engineering professor Lexuan Zhong, who is leading the research.

She called the effort a “non-pharmaceutical intervention” that, if successful, could avoid “extensive consequences. It’s just as valuable as vaccine research,” she told Global News.

“DBC is moving quickly to capitalize on a timely opportunity. We want to deploy the Disinfection Apparatus system that is compatible with current HVAC engineering and formulate an acceptable and approved vapour for ventilation distribution that neutralizes airborne and surface pathogens,” Martin Kepman, Manganese X CEO, stated.

“The Company will be working with industry experts to ensure we have a deliverable technology that is not only relevant but best in class.”