Advisory Board


Manganese X Energy Corp. is pleased to announce the formation of a Technical and Marketing Advisory Board primarily focused on the lithium ion battery market. The objective of the Technical and Marketing Advisory Board is to guide and assist the Company’s Board of Directors and management with various opportunities related to the use of novel technologies to produce more environmentally friendly high purity manganese for the lithium ion battery market at a low cost. The Technical and Marketing Advisory Board will also assist in the proper preparation of marketing materials and distribution channels for value added manganese products. As well as a catalyst in the Company’s efforts to scale the business and drive value for shareholders.

Management believes their extensive expertise and experience in their respective fields will be a benefit in the Company’s pursuit to becoming a leading supplier of value added manganese materials in the United States and Canada.

The Company will be focusing on processing manganese into 99.5 % high purity EV compliant manganese. At present, to the best of management’s knowledge, there are no operating manganese mining producers servicing the lithium ion battery and other alternative energy markets in North America. The Company is striving to achieve new methodologies emanating from environmentally friendlier processes, while producing value added manganese at a lower cost.

Gordon Jang, CPA, CMA, brings more than 25 years’ experience in the mining industry and capital markets having held senior management roles with mid-to-large mining companies, such as Fortuna Silver Mines Inc., Augusta Resources Corporation, Lundin Mining Corporation, Hudbay Minerals Inc. and Pan American Silver Corp. He is a graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Financial Management program. Mr. Jang has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, external financial reporting, internal controls, tax planning, cost analysis and process improvements.

Jessica is a graduate from the University of New Brunswick and holds a Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng) in Chemical Engineering. Jessica is presently employed with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, and has previously worked in the environmental sector in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Montreal, Quebec. Jessica has also worked for Suncor Energy with the Process Engineering division in the areas of Tailing Reduction and In-Situ technology.

Her experience in the Oil and Gas Industry sparked a strong interest in sustainability and renewable energy, and her lifestyle reflects this. Jessica is very involved with her community and is always focused on improving the wellness of others and the environment. Her passion for green energy and experience with chemical processing will be an asset to the Company.

Lino G Morris is known worldwide and is held in extremely high regard as a leading designer and developer of innovative scientific and healthcare solutions, biological manufacturing operations and systems design. He brings a unique blend of talents in both technology and management demonstrated in a wide range of projects worldwide in the sciences, product research & development, manufacturing and implementation. Lino has a reputation with governments and companies in a dozen countries for rapidly overcoming all obstacles and delivering on commitments.

Lino G Morris for many years starting in 1971, Lino G Morris was the Responsible Head and an owner of FDA licensed facilities that produced both medical products for human use and ran R&D operations to develop and manufacture a range of both medical therapeutic use and medical laboratory testing products for a wide variety of the major pharmaceutical companies. He grew the original USA facilities into production operations in several other countries and expanded his markets to a wide range of international markets.

He is currently the CEO of the PureBiotics® Group which started investigating the applications of probiotics for external healthcare applications in 2007 and in 2008 acquired the exclusive rights for a European line of probiotic products for North America and a range of other countries and for several specific applications and expanded research for ‘stabilized external use probiotics for environmental control applications.’

These “StaBiotics”® products proved to be a major break-through and a truly “disruptive technology” with applications that became proven for a wide range solutions from the medical field (where it can reduce the risk of millions of hospital infections capable of saving countless lives and billions of healthcare dollars) to home use and for allergy and asthma sufferers (where PureBiotics® safely removes allergens, contaminants and other irritants); for millions with skin problems from blemishes, acne and rashes to psoriasis (making skin feel and look better while, most important, significantly lowering the risk of infections); for effectively removing/deconstructing biofilm and that the solutions keeps working for days, down to the actual microscopic level, providing true ongoing protection and cleanliness for all facilities from restaurants to homes and from hospitals to farms and animal facilities as well as thousands of other applications from HVAC to water systems. And, by working at the microscopic level, it is the world’s most effective deodorizer system, providing true odour deconstruction.