Manganese Replaces Cobalt Helping Tesla Benefit from its New Technology – Report by Manganese X Energy Corp

Manganese Replaces Cobalt Helping Tesla Benefit from its New Technology That Moves Towards Tabless Battery Technology Increasing Energy Capacity, Power Six-Fold While Allowing EVs to Travel Further

Saint-Laurent, QC, Dec. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Latest Updates from Manganese X Energy Corp.

With 2020 nearing its end, we are arriving at the marking end of a decade. Every year at this time there are a lot of conversations reflecting and assessing the complete year, this moment will be unique as it will mean reviewing the previous ten years. One of the most talked-about topics is the environment and its condition and the probability that we are heading towards a catastrophic situation. The environmental depletion of resources is crossing all borders and boundaries. Large corporations and industries are often blamed for it. There is a general consensus within the scientific community that if big business continues to ignore the plea to protect the environment over the pressure to maintain an ever increasing rate of profits to deliver shareholder dividends, then everyone will be in for a rough go.

However, amidst the chaos, this decade has witnessed many corporations taking initiatives that favor mother nature. Be it a small or a major change, there are organizations and entrepreneurs who have consciously switched to processes that are either neutral or do no harm to the environment. Manganese X Energy Corp is one such company, that is both socially and environmentally responsible..

Manganese X Energy and it’s future mining projects are positioned to extract Manganese for the manufacturing of Nickel Manganese Lithium-Ion batteries that will soon become Cobalt free. The company differentiates itself from other companies by introducing a key element in the lithium-ion battery manufacturing process – Extremely high quality percentage of Manganese Sulfate MnSO4 (which is the precursor to the cathode). Unlike other miners it’s metallurgical studies of it’s Battery Hill New Brunswick deposit has achieved a rating of 99.95% MnSO4 with an extremely low contaminant level. Making the manufacture of all future electric vehicle (EV) lithium Manganese batteries and backup storage energy units from it’s Battery Hill NB deposit more safe, efficient and environmentally friendly, thus placing safety before profits. Find out more about the company, the industry, its values, and latest updates.

More About the Manganese X Energy Corp

Manganese X Energy Corp is a Canadian mining company that has a fixed goal with an intent of supplying a secure and ethically sourced Manganese Sulfate.  The company founders were recently asked why it chose to become a future leader in the  sourcing of Manganese, their answer was  simple and straightforward. “We are unequivocally convinced of the potential that lies within this silvery red and gray mineral, we call Electric Gold.” Manganese is  emerging as the driving force for all future and widespread adoption for renewable clean energy in EV, hybrid electric vehicles and backup power storage energy units. Manganese will also bring a breakthrough initiative for all industries that manufacture rechargeable batteries in consumer electronics, electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Manganese will become the central component for the development and rollouts of the Nickel and Manganese Lithium-ion battery providing an efficient and economical rechargeable battery for many and potentially all future consumer electronics.

Manganese is poised to be one of the primary elements important in shifting the direction of those involved in manufacturing all new battery systems necessary in storing electricity harvested from clean energy produced from solar, wind, and tidal systems. Manganese will become the catalyst for all new Lithium-ion batteries and future backup energy storage products. The increased percentage of Manganese in the Nickel Manganese lithium-ion has recently had a development breakthrough, by removing the tab. These experiments were performed in a Tesla lab environment by Tesla researchers, “these new tabless cells, which Tesla is calling 4860 cells, will give the company’s EV batteries five times more energy capacity, make them six times more powerful, and enable a 16 percent range increase for Tesla’s vehicles.”  “While these batteries are 2-3 years away from being manufactured, the future looks very promising as the combination of significantly increased Manganese with Nickel, the elimination of Cobalt, thus improving the density of the battery, will potentially make future Nickel Manganese Lithium-ion EV batteries far more efficient and cost effective. This will be achieved by increasing Manganese’s previous composition considerably from 10 to 33.3%,” says Martin Kepman.

Manganese X Energy has assembled some of the brightest minds on a team contributing their efforts towards a widespread global clean energy initiative. The best part of the leadership’s vision is it stands against pollution, climate change, and environmental depletion. Its mission is to drive its target audience towards the global adoption of clean renewable energy.

The company continues to be on track managing its Manganese-rich deposits near Woodstock New Brunswick, the Battery Hill Project. It has been

reported to be hosting a series of banded iron formations that collectively constitute one of the largest Manganese resources in North America.

Excerpts Straight from the Industry

Since Manganese is safe and doesn’t contribute to corrupting the world environmentally, it’s becoming a pro-choice for all future initiations and advancements. Nickel Manganese Lithium-ion EV battery technology is now becoming more popular due to the elimination of the currently utilized Cobalt in the Nickel Manganese Cobalt Lithium-ion EV batteries, these advancements are propelling the growth of the industry. We are living in a world where one new variable change can ignite an interconnected chain of events and incidents. In hindsight, the motivating web of Nickel Manganese Lithium-ion EV  batteries has rocketed the growth of the electric vehicles and hybrid EV’s for the new technology of Nickel Manganese Lithium-ion batteries. “ Our global EV forecast is for a compound annual growth rate of 29 per cent achieved over the next ten years: Total EV sales growing from 2.5 million in 2020 to 11.2 million in 2025, then reaching 31.1 million by 2030,” reports Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

The industry demand for a new Manganese rich battery has been elevated, not by chance, but out of necessity. The many important benefits of Manganese as a raw material is that it can be extracted ethically, it can withstand high temperatures and with Manganese trading at a value of $1700 dollars per ton compared to Cobalt at $32000 dollars a ton, it makes Manganese today the only alternative option for these new and cost efficient batteries, digging a grave for the Nickel Manganese Cobalt Lithium-ion battery. Cobalt free Manganese batteries are an enlightened choice for the environment. So at less than one tenth the cost of Cobalt, along with the unethical sourcing that surrounds the mining of Cobalt in West Africa, Nickel Manganese Lithium-ion batteries, Cobalt free, will become a far more cost efficient and socially responsible solution. With all of the positive factors surrounding Manganese that will come from replacing and supplanting Cobalt, it will become the preferred technology and a more affordable solution available to the backup energy storage, EV and hybrid electric vehicle market.

It’s truly incredible how rapidly the Manganese industry has increased its speed of growth. Amidst the pandemic, it is expected to reach the global market size at around 21.9 million metric tons. Experts predict a combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.9% over the analysis period of 2020-2027, reaching a size of 26.6 million metric tons by the end of this period. Canada, being a mining-friendly country, has the presence of a noteworthy Manganese mining market. It’s expected to grow at a 2.1% CAGR in the next seven years.

The Best New Stories of Manganese X Energy

Manganese X Energy has directed all its efforts towards priming its existing high potential Manganese mining holdings and getting them ready for future extraction, along with additional sites located in North America, like it’s Lac Aux Bouleaux Quebec with it’s important Graphite deposit. Manganese and Graphite will confirm Manganese X Energy’s commitment to becoming one of the most important  suppliers of value-added materials to the lithium-ion battery and other alternative energy industries. Let’s look at some of the company’s key highlights:

  • Manganese X has appointed Mr. Roger Dahn to Chairman of the Board. His former position, serving as Vice President of Exploration,  has earned him this new appointment because of his utmost dedication and honesty while stewarding the company’s Battery Hill project.
  • Manganese X is all set to extend its horizons and spread its wings to fresh and outstretched plains. It is preparing to launch a modern, proprietary, and specialized air and surface delivery system solution for the HVAC segment. It is being introduced as a system that will keep lungs healthy while maintaining an optimum quality of breathable air, this system will be important in providing cleaner and healthier air. It’s a timely and appreciable effort, especially with the world having to deal with the pandemic crisis of COVID-19.
  • The Battery Hill project is Manganese X’s flagship project. It consists of 55 claims. All of them make up a total of 1,228 hectares that are located in Carlton County, New Brunswick. It holds all or part of the five Manganese zones, Iron Ore Hill, Moody Hill, Sharpe Farm, Wakefield, and Maple Hill. It hosts carbonate Manganese, which is necessary for the production of electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD).

Manganese X Energy is on a quest to become the first North American Company to commercialize Manganese production from a safe, environmentally appropriate resource. If you wish to know more about us, please pay a visit to Manganese X Energy Corp. Virtual holdings are in these days. Manganese X, along with our Manganese mining project are acing it.


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