The Peter Lake Property (the "Property") consists of 34 claims totalling approximately 1985 Ha located in the Mont-Laurier Terrane, in the Central Grenville Province, Quebec. The Property lies within a sequence of metasedimentary rocks (Rabot Suite) intruded by gabbroic and felsic to mafic intrusions (Serpent and Lacoste Suites).

Two Copper-Nickel-Cobalt Occurrences known as Peter Lake North and Peter Lake South are included within the Property. Previous grab sampling returned values ranging from 0.4% to 22.8% copper, 0.14% to 0.73% nickel, 500 ppm to 0.266% cobalt, as well as elevated gold and silver. The mineralization is associated with mafic intrusions of the Serpent Suite and has been traced intermittently on surface for more than 2 kilometers. The Property has received very limited exploration to date with only 2 shallow diamond drill holes completed in 2002. The Peter Lake South occurrence, discovered in 2012, has not been tested by drilling.

Also worth noting is that the Peter Lake Property situated approximately 20 kms south of Kintavar Exploration Inc's Mitchi Project is where Kintavar recently announced significant new copper, silver and gold mineralization (Kintavar News Release dated August 8, 2018).

Manganese X intends to conduct an exploration program on the Property commencing immediately, with a complete compilation of historic geological work followed by line cutting, ground geophysics, geology/prospecting, trenching and possible diamond drilling in the future. Special attention during the exploration program will be directed towards the cobalt and possible gold-platinum-palladium potential of the property.

Peter Lake Technical Report

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